SaturdayMarch 28 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
6929 Gillen Lane, Miamisburg

Viking Volleyball Cow Plop

In the Miamisburg Viking Volleyball cow plop/cow patty fundraiser, individuals purchase tickets ahead of time. On the day of the event (Saturday, March 28th), we will spray paint the field at 6929 Gillen Lane in a grid pattern.

Each person who purchased a ticket will be assigned a square on the grid by a random number generator. At 1 pm, we will release a cow onto the field and the owner of the square where the cow first “plops” (poops!) is the winner. The winner will receive 50% of the funds that we raise if they are present at the event or 25% of the funds that we raise if they are not present at the event.

While waiting for the cow to “plop”, there will be refreshments and games!

Please consider bringing a lawn chair and you may also want to use the restroom ahead of time as the field currently does not have facilities available to the public.

Fee: $10 per square or $25 for three squares

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